Sophia skirt hack Jenny Wardrobe Architect

Sophia Skirt hack by Jenny of The Wardrobe Architect

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Never afraid to experiment with patterns, Simple Sew blogger, Jenny shares another stunning reimagining of Simple Sew Sophia skirt. When I made my first Sophia Skirt a couple of months ago, I thought of lots of ways the pattern could be hacked to create different skirts. The first hack I decided to try was a button front variation. Fabric To make …

Simple Sew: Personalising your Patterns

Lorna Malkin Tips & Tricks 2 Comments

One of the great things about sewing is the freedom we get to express ourselves through the garments we make. While we can usually individualise our handmade clothes by the fabric we choose to sew with, sometimes it’s fun to take things a step further by personalising your patterns. Personalising your patterns can be a lot of fun, and much …

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Sophia skirt

The Wardrobe Architect’s Sophia Skirt

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On her first time sewing the Sophia Skirt pattern, Simple Sew Blogger, Jenny, of The Wardrobe Architect was pleasantly suprised. Making this summery, floral midi, she already planning to make more!