A Girl Sew Geeky’s Lucille Dress

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Hello lovelies! I’m Gemma and I’m new to the Simple Sew blogger team. I currently blog at agirlsewgeeky.wordpress.com and was asked to join the Simple Sew team early this year and of course I jumped at the chance!
For my first Simple Sew blog post, I chose to make the Lucille dress as I really love the style and its stated as beginner friendly. I didn’t make a toile for this, which in hindsight, I probably should have! I made a size 12 with this pattern, which I think is a tad too small on me (except on the bust) and I would probably size up next time so I have a bit more room to make any necessary adjustments. However, rather than cut a new size, I decided to work with what I had! I’m glad I did, although I did have to fudge it in some areas.
I noticed that if I aligned the centre notches of the bodice as they should be, it definitely would not reach around my sides to meet the back pieces, so I moved them further apart which has worked quite nicely and did a slightly smaller seam allowance. However, I did not take this into account for the waist yoke and skirt, oops! I did have to re-cut the yoke, making it longer to match the bodice, but luckily I was able to fit it all to the skirt as it was. It does mean that the side seams don’t align very well, but that’s ok! I think next time, I would also lengthen the bodice pieces as I feel that I need to keep pulling it down a bit to fit properly under my bust. But apart from that, I’m really happy with this dress, its definitely my style and I would totally make it again!
I love the little pleats in the front bodice, I think it makes it a very flattering shape. I don’t think this pattern should be made by someone who has never made a garment before, as the instructions are a bit sparse and assume some sewing knowledge. I also don’t recommend making it late at night when you’re tired, because then it just wont make any sense at all! I did have a few moments where I couldn’t make heads or tails of it, but when I came back to it fresh the next day (at a decent hour) it went much smoother. I also may have misread some of the pattern pieces, as I ended up with 2 bits cut out that were not needed, and hadn’t cut an extra yoke piece which was needed, so attention is a must!
I made this dress out of one side of a double size duvet cover from George and still have some left over, and I think it suits the pattern perfectly. Plus I love polka dots! The bodice is lined in the same fabric, but the skirt isn’t so definitely calls for a slip or petticoat. I’m looking forward to the better weather so I can actually wear it!
Until next time
– Gemma xx

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