A Girl Sew Geeky’s Skater Dress

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Hi lovelies!!

I’m back with another Simple Sew review!! I am soo pleased with this make and can’t wait to share it with you, so grab yourselves a cuppa and let’s dive in!

During the process of choosing a pattern and coordinating fabric (generously supplied by Doughty’s), there was a slight confusion with mine and I ended up with fabric that didn’t go with the pattern I received, this was only due to a last minute change and nobody’s fault. However, this ended up really working in my favour! I had a look through the Simple Sew patterns I already had and remembered I had the Skater dress which I had been wanting to make for a while and I thought I would finally give it a go. The fabric I received from Doughty’s was a super cosy poly/cotton jersey in plain black. Although the pattern doesn’t list jersey in the fabrics that can be used, the jersey felt really stable and thick so I thought it would be ok and I’d give it a try. So happy I did!! The fabric feels really nice and smooth on the outside, with a cosy brushed feel on the inside.

For the pattern, I cut a size 12. However, before I cut the fabric out, I contacted my fellow Simple Sew bloggers for advice on fit and was told that it came up a bit short in the bodice and skirt for them. So knowing this, I made sure to lengthen both the bodice and skirt by 1″, thinking I could adjust it as it go if I felt it was too long. I didn’t make any other changes to the pattern.

I found the construction pretty simple, the stability of the fabric making it a breeze to sew! There are a few bits where the seams feel slightly bulky but I’ve made sure to cut away as much as I can to reduce it.

I’ve found that the arms are a little snug, but I find that with a lot of patterns. I think if I had used a woven fabric, it would have been more of an issue, but with the jersey, it’s fairly comfortable. Next time, I’ll definitely grade the sleeves up a size. I really like the neckline and I love the full skirt, it’s so swishy! The only issue I had with the pattern was the instructions for sewing up the sides of the bodice and skirt, in that I couldn’t see that part in them. The copy of this pattern is very old so this is something that may have already been rectified. Luckily I’ve got some garment making under my belt so I was happy with how to do this. In fact I made it super simple and sewed in one continuous line from the end of the sleeve to the end of the skirt! I’m not sure if it really should have been done that way, but it worked!! I really love the back of the bodice too; I think it’s very flattering. After installing the zip, I did find I had a bit of gape at the top, so I just unpicked and readjusted the zip and it finished wonderfully. With regards to the length I added to the bodice and skirt, I’m so glad I did as it definitely would have been too short for me. I think if I make it again, I’ll even add on another couple of cms, especially to the skirt. I was only able to turn the hem over once, otherwise it would have been a bit too short, unfortunately that means it doesn’t look at neat on the inside as you can see my dodgy hem cutting! Ah well, no one can see it but me!

I am really pleased with this make, so much so that I wore it for celebrations on Christmas Eve. I felt a bit glam and super comfortable, a plus in my book! I’m glad I went ahead and tried this fabric with the pattern; it’s definitely something I would try again, perhaps in a scuba next time??

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