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Hi everyone! I’m back with a very straightforward make, the Jersey Top. The pattern comes with two variations – a woven cross-over back blouse (view A), and a raglan jersey top (view B). You can get the pattern here.

I went for view B and this is the second time I’ve made this pattern. I’m still getting lots of wear out of my first version (here) and it was the very first project I sewed up on my overlocker. Unfortunately, my overlocker is not playing ball now (again) so this top was sewed up on my sewing machine instead.

Now I very much like getting my money’s worth out of fabric, so I went for some scraps of jersey from Girl Charlee (a plain green jersey and a green and white chevron jersey) that was left over from other projects. The quality of it is great and my sewing machine sewed it up beautifully (my sewing machine usually chews up knits and spits them out!).

If you have an overlocker I would really recommend using one. It is so much quicker! Plus, you can do the whole project on it without touching the sewing machine at all.  However, if you can’t use an overlocker (like me) then a walking foot would be very helpful.  There is no hemming with this project. The bottom, neck and sleeves are all finished with a band. I used the quartering method to insert the neck, sleeve and bottom bands. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Using a ball point needle or a stretch needle in your sewing machine, first sew up the short sides of the band right sides together (see photo below). Use a zig-zag or lightning bolt stitch. I’ve used white thread for contrast in the photos. That is actually a lie. I used white thread because I couldn’t be bothered to change to green! 
  2. Then fold the band in half, wrong sides together and press. Put a pin in the seam at one side and place another pin at the other side as shown below. 
  3. Bring the pins together in the middle and then place two more pins at either end of the band. You’ve now split your band into quarters which will make it much easier to attach them to your top evenly.
  4. You now need to quarter up the neck, sleeve and bottom in the same way.  This is the sleeve you’re seeing below. See the pins quartering up the opening? You now need to match up the pins on the opening to the pins on the band, raw edges together.
  5. You’ll notice that the band does not fit. Don’t worry, it’s not supposed to! You must stretch the band to fit the opening. Whilst you’re sewing, gently stretch the band, taking care not to stretch the opening, and sew! 


 And voila! Here I am out and about in Scarborough with local landmark Freddy. Yes it is February and yes I am cold! I’m really looking forward to the spring when I can wear it properly without my new top being hidden under lots of layers! This fabric is supposed to be seen!

Trying to match chevrons is a different thing to matching up stripes – very difficult! From the photos it looks like I did a reasonable job of it but the photos are being kind. They don’t quite match up along the side seams but it’s good enough for me!

So, another everyday t-shirt to add to my collection. This will get so much wear because I’m all about the separates and you just can’t go wrong with jersey tops can you?

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