Appleby Make’s Shannon Shorts

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Hi everyone! I think I must be the last of the Simple Sew bloggers to make anything from the Shannon collection of patterns, but I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally made the shorts as my starting point. You can get the pattern here.

I’m off on a cruise in the summer holidays so some sailor-style shorts were a must-make as far as I was concerned.

Doughty’s very kindly gave me the fabric to make these shorts and I only ordered a metre. Thankfully, that was plenty! The fabric I chose was a very dark indigo poly denim and you can find it here. The fabric is very stretchy, and although the pattern does not say to make the shorts out of a stretch fabric, they worked nicely.

I made a straight size 12 with no alterations. I find that Simple Sew seem to make patterns for my body shape, which is handy! I almost followed the instructions to the letter too! The only slight changes I made were to use a different, lighter fabric for the waistband facing and the pocket bags, and to alter the way the turn-ups were done. The back of this fabric looked very white, so I didn’t want it showing in the turn ups. I gave my shorts a deep double hem and then turned that up instead, slip stitching into place.

Obviously, having just made sailor shorts I had to find somewhere appropriate to take photos. Unfortunately, by the time I walked down to Scarborough Harbour the weather was not being very appropriate for shorts at all. I was a bit chilly!

Thanks to the stretchy fabric, the shorts are very comfortable indeed. There’s plenty of recovery in the fabric too so everything twangs back into place after being stretched. The shorts came out a little longer than I was expecting them to but that’s no bad thing. There’s plenty of coverage, which I like.  

Although you can’t see them very well, I did add 8 silver buttons to the front of the shorts like the patterns suggests. I nearly didn’t though as the shorts looked good without them too. I now need to go and sew myself a proper Breton stripy top and buy myself some deck shoes for maximum effect. See you next time!

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