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I’ve had this pattern in my stash for literally years, and it was only a few weeks ago when I finally decided to crack it open and make the shorts. Here’s the blog post about them. Now I’m on a roll because I’ve made the top up too! The Shannon collection of patterns can be bought here.

Now my original intention was to make the dress up. I tend to get a lot of wear out of t-shirt style dresses. They’re so easy to throw on and not feel overdressed. However, when my beautiful Lady McElroy jersey fabric arrived from Doughty’s (thanks Doughty’s!) I had to change my plans.

The fabric is so, so fine and slightly sheer, which is why the dress plans went out of the window. The fabric is also so lightweight you can barely tell you’re holding it! I’m definitely going to wear this top when I get weighed at my slimming club. I don’t think it weighs anything at all!

Because it’s so fine, and very stretchy, you really need to be careful with it. Having said that, my sewing machine handled it well, and I only used a size 80 universal needle because I had no ball point needles (*slaps wrists).  The machine did try to eat it when I started sewing too close to the edge though.

I’m hopeless at sewing neckbands and cuffs and the like. I’ve stopped attaching them directly with my overlocker and I sew them with my sewing machine first, then go over with my overlocker afterwards once I’m happy. I didn’t sew the band very evenly on the first pass, so I unpicked it, which in this superfine fabric was a mistake. I ended up with a hole! Only a tiny one but I had to do a fix up job on it. You can only tell if you really look for it, and it’s at the back so my hair covers the extra stitches!

I’m not really a floral type of person but I think I could get into the dark floral trend. The fabric is so pretty, and the autumnal shades of the flowers suits my colouring. With such a simple pattern, the fabric really stands out. Although I’m wearing this top with shorts, I think this could easily be dressed up for an evening out too!

I love my new top. It’s always good to have a quick and easy make in your repertoire! The only downside to it is that the arms are a little on the tight side. Hopefully that will be easily remedied for my next one!

See you next time!

Buy your Shannon Collection pattern, including top, dress, shorts and trousers and here or check out the Lady McElroy Digital Print Poly Slub Jersey – Botanic Dusk Navy Bloom 560 from Doughty’s

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  1. It’s so pretty!

    I love the shannon dress – it’s well worth doing, when you’ve got a more substantial jersey to play with. It’s such a good easel for lovely fabrics, and eminently hackable, so you can make loads of them and nobody will think you’re wearing the same thing every time.

    1. I have this pattern too. I’ve never made the sleeved version but I have made the drop sleeve version a couple of times and I love it. Nice and easy to make and I’ve done it in jersey and ponte material. Both great to use. I love you material choice though too.

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