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Up till now, all us Simple Sew Bloggers have each made different patterns each month but this time we are all having a go at the same one to show how many variations the pattern has… this is the Simple Sew Stylish Shell Top Challenge!!

Hello everyone! This month’s project is a nice, easy one and it’s perfect for using up fabric leftovers! I was so pleased that I managed to get the Stylish Shell Top out of my fabric remains!

The fabric is a reversible fabric that was bought at Lucky Fashions in Dewsbury. I did buy it with a plan, which was fulfilled (read about it in this post), but I still had a fair chunk left over. This was over two years ago now and it feels good to get rid of it from my stash for good!

The pattern comes with numerous design options. With my reversible fabric I just had to go for view C – the one with the most panels!

My first dilemma was what sides of the fabric did I use for what panels?

I personally liked the large check being the main panel, with the gingham being the accents. A mini Instagram poll agreed so I went with it.

The pattern is a goody. It’s a straight-forward woven tee and it fits me straight out of the packet. I made no adjustments and cut the size 14 and everything fits perfectly – well almost.

I think the only thing I will change for next time is to omit the panel at the bottom. I think it makes the top a little long for me and doesn’t quite stay on my hips. Other than that though it’s a great top and I think I’m going to be making many more of these out of my fabric scraps! The only shaping comes from simple bust darts which just happen to fit me in exactly the right places! I also have full movement in my arms, which makes the top very comfortable to wear. I don’t often have full movement in my woven makes so this was great.

The neckline (and arm holes if you’re making view D) is finished with bias binding. I found some white in my stash which looked fine. Obviously, if I was really going for it I would make my own binding, but I had no fabric left.

I’m normally a little bit anal when it comes to stripe matching but my lack of fabric (and brain power at the end of a busy week) meant that I couldn’t really do that. It looks more RTW that way anyway. Not one of my ready to wear checked tops (and I have a few) have the checks matched at the side seams so I decided not to worry about it!

So there you go! I found this project a great little palate cleanser whilst I’m in the midst of Christmas gift making. I’m not a quick sewist but this took me about an hour and a half to complete. Not bad at all! 


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