Béa Curtis


I’m Béatrice, and I’m a would-be born-again sewer.

I started making and refashioning my own clothes back when I was a teenager, but stopped in my twenties. A few years ago, I started making dance costumes for myself, but it got to the stage that I had far more costumes than I had performances lined up, and I realised I needed to get back to dressmaking, to soak up all that creative energy and make clothes I would actually get to wear. I found that shopping for fabric is way more fun than shopping for clothes – so much more potential!

With my return to dressmaking, I want to build up my basic skills. I’m coming back to it at a time when there is so much information online, as well as many excellent real-life teachers, so I’m doing my best to do a proper job with every item I make. I love that sewing gives me the opportunity to have beautiful clothes that fit me well. And I love that I can give my garments a personal touch, a spark of individuality and uniqueness.

I live in Guildford, in the South East of England, and I haven’t yet found any sewing friends here. So I opened my arms to the big and wonderful world of the Sewing Blogs, where I found a whole load of fabulous inspiring people. I’m beyond thrilled to be part of the Simple Sew Blogging Team! Also slightly nervous, I’ll be honest, because it’s a lot to live up to! I’m hoping I can show that us bigger girls can look good in me-mades, even if we aren’t in the standard size ranges.

My blog is Béa’s Sewing Adventures (https://beassewingadventures.wordpress.com/).