skillboosting sewing patterns for beginners

Learn New Dressmaking Techniques!

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The great thing about trying new patterns is that you will add new skills to your dressmaking portfolio! Learn new dressmaking techniques with these three versatile sewing patterns. Add some gorgeous garments to your #memade wardrobe with these and pick up some new skills while you’re sewing them up. Simple sew Patterns are created for beginner and intermediate sewists with …

How to Sew a Lapped Zip – Create an invisible closure on your garments

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Why use the lapped zip technique? A lapped zip is a polished finish that disguises the closure on a dress, skirt or trousers. It’s easy to install and will look fantastic on your handmade garment. Learn how to sew a lapped zip and you will be able to create beautifully finished clothing with a really clean outline, no bump. It’s …