Sewing With Jersey & Knits

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Follow our advice for sewing with jersey for a professional neat finish to your garments. Watch our sewing with knits tutorial and read our top tips for sewing with Jersey and you’ll be ready to try some exciting patterns, even without an overlocker!   If you ever thought about taking up sewing, chances are that you’ve considered jersey as your …

guide to fabric markers

A guide to Fabric Markers

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We now have a great selection of Fabric pens available from the brand Giotto! So we thought you might like to know a little more about what you can use the fabric markers for. What are Fabric Markers? Fabric markers are marker pens that contain fabric paint in a really easy to apply way. The pen gives you way more …

Sewing Tricky Fabrics

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Do you steer clear of tricky fabrics in your sewing? We really enjoy watching the ‘transformation’ challenge on the Great British Sewing Bee, we’re always so surprised by what the sewists manage to create! The sewing bees are often faced with tricky fabrics and we thought it would be good to go through a few fabrics that you may never …