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It’s that time of year again when we are trying to stay cosy or keep up with fitness new year’s resolutions. For this months’ Simple Sew make, I sewed up the Classic Sweatshirt which certainly fits the bill for both of these scenarios.

I made view A in a very stretchy knit with contrasting cuff and collar bands and view B in a much less stretchy loop-back sweatshirting. I chose a size 8 and I am happy with the fit of both sweaters. The only fit adjustment I made was to lengthen the sleeves for my version of view A by 2” (5 cm), and crop the sleeves due to fabric limitations for my version of view B.

The name “Classic Sweatshirt” is absolutely spot on and I love the slightly boxy fit and the shape of the raglan sleeve. The length of view A was perfect for me (I’m 5’ 11”) to just go over my hips.

For my version of view B, I had limited fabric, so I chose to crop the sleeves. Because the fabric didn’t have much stretch, I knew I would have to widen the sleeve cuff pieces so they weren’t too tight. To do this, I measured the cuff pattern piece and the wrist of the original sleeve pattern piece; I divided the measurement of the cuff by the wrist and found it to be around 85% of the wrist measurement. I then measured the end of the sleeve at the new length and made a cuff piece that was 85% of the new measurement.

I made the whole thing using an overlocker, so it was a really quick make. Perfect for stash-busting any sweatshirting or heavier knits and adding useful garments to your wardrobe.

The pattern is so simple, it would be really easy to customise. It would be nice to add contrasting sleeves, or piping to the raglan seam on future versions, or even a panel of lace around the neckline.

See you next time!

– Faye

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