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Well hello there possums!

I’m finally getting back into the swing of sewing more and making time in my week to do so – yay! I was so happy to start back with Simple Sew’s Cocoon Dress as it’s a perfect palette cleanser – super quick and simple! Yay!

This month was my turn to get to pick my fabric from the amazing Sew Essential range and I went with this gorgeous John Kaldor Peaseblossom Polycrepe which is absolutely stunning. Such a brilliant purple print, a lovely drape and weight. It sews and presses like a dream!

I stitched up this beauty in about 1.5hrs and my only change was to omit the centre front seam – instead I cut it on the fold and took out the seam allowance…

I did this by simply folding the pattern edge over by 1.5cm.

I went for the sleeveless / short sleeved option which are lovely drapey kimono type so they don’t require any other pieces and finish all the seams with my overlocker. I have to say – I have become very accustomed to finishing my hems this way too. You may be able to see that they are just overlocked and not folded under. This is partly laziness but also I like the way it looks and didn’t want the skirt or the sleeves to go any shorter… but yes, mostly laziness! 😉

Sorry this is so blurry but just to show you – with belt!

I love this dress – I want to make many – it is SO comfortable, works well with or without a belt and has pockets! What’s not to love! I’m going to try it in a jersey too!!

That’s all folks!

Can’t wait to see your Cocoons popping up too!

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    1. Post

      Hello Janey! Sorry for the slow reply here… I made up a size 10 which is 1/2 size smaller than my usual (I normally grade between 10 and 12) and yes you just hem the sleeves. Xox

  1. Beautiful, i absolutely lobe this pattern, i have only just gained the confidence to start making clothes for myself, but unfortunately this is no where in stock hope they resale the pattern again soon.

  2. Love this colour and already have the material ! Did you use a fine needle for this? I am a beginner but want to have a goI love it Any tips please?

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