Gabberdashery’s High Waisted VS Shannon Trousers mashup

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Hello seamstresses!

I’m going to start with the ending and a massive spoiler alert… I LOVE THIS MAKE!

OK now back to the beginning… I have wanted some high waisted wide legged jeans for ages and I was determined to make them out of Simple Sew patterns so I started with the fabric and was so happy that Doughtys, our new fabric partner, had the PERFECT denim just for the job. This powder blue denim is one of the best fabrics I have ever sewn with – it is super soft, has a bit of stretch and it a dream to sew and press. I am keeping an eye on them having more colours so I can sew everything in it!!


So next was the actual pattern choice. Simple Sew didn’t have exactly what I had in mind… yet… but they did have 2 patterns that mashed together could just fit the bill – enter the Shannon and High Waisted Trousers!

The wanted my jeans to be wide legged like the Shannon Collection trousers and high waisted like the High Waisted Trousers so I went about putting them together by literally laying the pattern pieces on top of each other, a bit of folding and jiggery pokery and I had cut trouser legs that were both wide legged and high waisted! Yay!

Aww Hobbes!!

I had to draft a waistband myself as the Shannon are for low waist and in parts for the pockets and the High Waisted Trousers are finished with a facing instead but I’m a fan of the waistband and it was easy to just cut one for my waist size, plus extra to add a button overlap and the width was completely up to me so I went for a 5cm one, which I doubled, added extra for seam allowance and folded it over. Easy peasy!

I couldn’t work out how to have pockets with a side zip so my only regret is that I didn’t try harder as if these jeans had pockets they would actually be the best thing since sliced bread… or Liberty fabric?! 😉 I am just going to have to make them again and use this tutorial to have a zip and pocket in the same seam! Yay!

These sewed up very quickly – all you have to do is:

  • Sew darts (x4)
  • Finish all raw edges
  • Sew together inner side seams
  • Sew one outer side seam
  • Sew the other outer side side up to the zip notch (add one if there isn’t one to the length zip you have!)
  • Put one trouser leg right side out into the other wrong side out (so they are right sides together) line up and sew the crotch
  • Add the zip (I did used a normal jeans zip)
  • Attach waistband and finish off with buttonhole and button
  • Hem


I know, I know… easier said then done but these are very beginner friendly!

Since I made them a couple of weeks ago, they have barely left my legs apart from joining the laundry pile. They are the easiest things to pull on in the morning, pair with a tshirt (or jumper if it’s chilly) and you are good to go! That’s why I wanted to make them as they fit into my lifestyle perfectly right now especially for dog walks! They go with everything and keep me cool even on the hottest days! I am sew in love and need many more pairs!

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