Gift Ideas to Sew for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is not too far around the corner and so we thought we’d put together a little collection of 5 gift ideas to sew for Mothers Day or just little gifts to sew up for good friends!  Receiving a gift is made extra special when it’s handmade!

5 Last Minute Little Gift Ideas to Sew!

Great for Mothers Day or just little gifts for birthdays – we think these 5 ideas will ensure you always have a gorgeous and unique gift to give!  The beauty of these patterns is that you can really personalise them with your fabric choices, making sure the lucky recipient will really love them!

Personalise your gifts!

You could also personalise them by embroidering initials, it may take a few extra minutes but it will really make them extra special.  

If you have any links to gift ideas to sew up we’d love to see them – share them here in a comment or over on our Facebook page.

Tissue Holders

Super simple gift to sew!   These Tissue holders don’t take long and can be made from a little scrap of fabric.  Perhaps you could make it to match a bag?  They’re perfect for having in a handbag and all Mothers need to carry tissues! Find the tutorial at

Fabric Credit Card Case

Another perfect gift for carrying inside a handbag – this little card carrier zip purse would make a perfect little gift for a friend or for your mother on Mother’s Day.  The tutorial can be found here – Fabric Card Case

Eco Friendly Reuseable Snack Bag

This is a great project to make as a gift and it’s very eco friendly as it uses old plastic bags to make the lining.  The step by step tutorial  shows you how to fuse plastic bags with an iron so they can be stitched as a lining!  Great gift idea for someone who needs encouragement to take a packed lunch into work or some more healthy snacks! Snack bag Tutorial

Oven Mitts and Pot Holders

Oven Mitts (and matching Pot holders) would make a perfect gift on Mothers Day or for a friend who loves to cook.  You can make a pair of gloves up in her favourite fabric, or to match her kitchen!  Find a great step by step tutorial here – Oven Mitt Free Pattern 

A pretty mask in her favourite colour

This glasses case will take you 15 minutes to sew up – a fab last minute gift to sew for Mothers Day gift or for a friend – you could make it a bit bigger for sunglasses too.  Find the step by step tutorial How to sew a mask tutorial

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