Looks Like I Made It’s Batwing Top

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Seasonal is not a word many people associate with my sewing obsession, but these past few months have been exceptionally cold, and apparently the NHS can’t afford to heat my new office so I had to take some drastic measures. By that I mean a quick hop on the train to Abakhan Manchester to find myself some lovely snuggly jumper fabric for my next Simple Sew Patterns make.

What attracted me to the Batwing jumper was that lovely Polo neck. I’ve had a couple of Primark polo necks on rotation this winter so was definitely about time I made my own. Those snuggly sleeves had me excited too, and some cuffs I could hide my paws in without pulling the neckline off my shoulder!!

I was excited to find that the jumper (or dress if you choose to make the longer version) is pretty much just one big piece. When I’d finished even my brother inspected it and said hey that’s cheating haha. You cut on the fold which runs down the centre of the dress then a few additional strips for the cuffs and neck.

The pattern suggests attaching the cuffs to the flat sleeve ends before sewing the underarm/side seam, but having made a few jumpers before I decided I would add these on once the sleeves were made. This way I could stretch out the cuffs to fit and make sure no draught would be getting up there!! It’s a little bit fiddly on the overlocker as the cuffs are so narrow. You gotta be careful not to sew your hand holes together!!

I cut the dress pattern, but when I tried it on I knew it just didn’t suit me. So I did a typical me and cut the bottom off. I thought it might look kinda sassy with a wider waist cuff than the one in the pattern, so the jumper could kind of poof down over it. The tip is just to make the waistband shorter than the jumper so you have to stretch it out when sewing, then it all gathers flatteringly at the waist.

Before I’d put the neck on I was already loving the jumper. I almost talked myself out of putting the neck on because I didn’t want to ruin it! I had to remember though that that polo neck was the main reason I wanted to make this pattern so I went ahead as planned. The piece is a strip folded in half width-ways then short ends sewn together. The raw edges are then overlocked to the neckline. I’ve never liked my polo necks too high so I’m in the habit of folding them over twice. If I make another I think I might just make it half the width as its a little bit bulky at the centre back seam when folded over.


Then that’s it really! It’s a super simple pattern but really effective design. My fabric is super snuggly and warm so feels like I’m wearing a big hug! I was worried they grey might look a bit boring but it reminds me a bit of an (ex) boyfriend jumper, so brings the warm memories too ha!

I definitely recommend getting your hands on the Batwing Dress pattern! Who else has had a go?




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