Looks Like I Made It’s Classic Sweatshirt

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Simple Sew’s Classic Sweater pattern is just that. A classic raglan shape that is simple to put together. To keep it basic I chose this grey jersey from Doughty’s with it in mind that it would look casual for a Sunday trip to Ikea or to throw on after the gym.

The jumper is made up from a front and back, two sleeves, a neck and waist band and cuffs. The fabric needs to stretch so I made the whole thing using an overlocker. I pinned the front and back to the sleeves first to check the fit then whizzed it all up. It comes together really quickly!!

The pattern gives two different length options. Naturally I cut the shortest, but I wanted shorter!! I cut about 23cm off the bottom so that when the band was attached the bottom of the jumper meets with the top of my jeans. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a cropped jumper. The great thing about this pattern though is, you can change the length to whatever you want.

I made no other alterations to the pattern, though I think next time I will lower the armholes a little.

The hardest bit of the pattern is making sure you have equal tension around the bands as you pull them to fit onto the jumper. The cuffs can be a little difficult as they are pretty narrow. Be extra careful not to catch the opposite side of the sleeve otherwise you could sew your armhole up, teehee.

I’ve made a similar style jumper using the New Look 6230 pattern. The head hole on that pattern is very wiiiiiide and has a tendency to slip off my shoulders (my cold hands are always tugging on them sleeves!). I think this Simple Sew jumper is much better proportioned, the angles of the sleeves is just that little bit sweeter too.

Would definitely recommend!


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