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Inspired by my trip to Paris I’ve gone mad for stripes recently, so this time round it wasn’t difficult to choose some Lady McElroy Viscose/Spandex Jersey – Breton Monochrome appropriate fabric from Doughty’s for my Simple Sew make.

This black and white striped jersey is pretty much your standard t-shirt fabric, ideal for the Miranda t-shirt. The pattern is pretty simple so I wanted to focus on making sure those side seam stripes were bang on!

To do this I did not cut out on the fold, I cut half the front piece then flipped it down the middle and made sure all the stripes lined up along the side edge of the pattern. Then I pinned these stripes to avoid them slipping and sliding as I cut. I cut out on my floor using a rotary cutter so that the bottom layer didn’t move around. I made sure the bottom of my pattern lined up along the top of a stripe so that when I came to cutting the back piece I could do the same and we’d at least have a chance of matching those stripes! I then laid the back pattern piece over the front I had cut and drew on to the paper where all the white stripes met the raw edges. I lined these up with the stripes on the fabric before cutting the back out.

There are a few ways to add variation to the Miranda T-Shirt, varying the sleeve length and neckline shape. I found the overall length of the t-shirt to be a bit long, so I made the whole thing a few centimeters shorter. I opted for the short sleeve version, and having never made a v-neckline before thought I’d save the round neck for next time.

I’d never really considered before that the seam in a v neck is right at the front! Once the neckband is cut and folded it can be attached right sides together to the neckline, stretching out a little as you sew. I’m not going to lie, I found it quite difficult to line up the centre seam of the neck with the centre of the t -shirt… and it’s reaaaaaally obvious if you get it wrong – haha! Also if you’re overlocking it can be a little tricky to unpick and try again! It turned out okay, though I think it could have been better. Any tips for avoiding mis-aligning again?

The sleeves are inserted flatly, so before you sew up the side seam. This makes putting them in quite easy, especially when using stretch fabric. Once inserted, I overlocked the sleeve opening then turned under once and stitched down with twin needle.

The fabric is pretty stretchy so I used a layer of thin paper as a stabiliser when I stitched to avoid the fabric stretching out. I then peeled this away to reveal my nice even stitches 🙂

I lined the side seam stripes up with about a million pins to ensure they matched up perfectly after all that concentration cutting out… only to find I wanted to take it in a bit at the waist – haha! This was pretty easy though, I tried on the t-shirt then pinned to fit, taking in just a few centimeters between waist and hips. I made sure those stripes were still matching then re-stitched my seam.

Love it! Now for more monochrome jersey for my next one!


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Buy your Miranda T-shirt Pattern, that includes both round and ‘v’ neck t-shirts here and check out the Lady McElroy Viscose/Spandex Jersey – Breton Monochrome from Doughty’s.

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  1. Your t shirt looks fab. Lovely and crisp. Did you sew it on a sewing machine or overlocker. I ask as I don’t seem to be able to sew stretchy fabrics on my sewing machine and could do with a few tips.

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