Looks Like I Made It’s Stylish Shell Top Challenge

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Up till now, all us Simple Sew Bloggers have each made different patterns each month but this time we are all having a go at the same one to show how many variations the pattern has… this is the Simple Sew Stylish Shell Top Challenge!!

For this month’s round of Simple Sew patterns posts, the whole blog team are using the Stylish Shell Top pattern. The pattern is super simple, I’m excited to see how everyone is going to put their own stamp on it. There are a few different views to chose from, with opportunity for a contrasting yoke or bottom band, and the sleeves are optional. This meant that the pattern is a good chance to use up some fabric off-cuts that you’ve been holding on to but couldn’t bring yourself to bin!

I chose View A- a sleeved version of the top with a contrasting yoke section. My fabric choices were some left over georgette from FC Fabrics and some more left over see-through patterned fabric from Hillsborough Fine Fabrics. The only other thing you’ll need is some bias-binding for the neckline, I made my own out of some georgette which was surprisingly well behaved!

The top has no fastening, but is designed for woven fabrics without stretch, so it needs to be quite boxy and roomy to get it over your head. This makes for really simple construction. The only shaping needed is the bust darts. I changed the angle of the shoulder seams a little as when I put it on it stuck out a little at the neck. Really easy to fix though.

Once sewing the bust darts, attaching the shoulder seams and side seams, the next step is inserting the sleeves.

My top sleeve inserting tips:

-Make sure you’ve cut the notches on your sleeve head. Two notches for back and one for front. If you’re using view A, these should match up with where the yoke joins the body
-I like to then sew the underarm between the notches, making sure the underarm sleeve seam and body side seam match.
-For this pattern, the centre of the sleeve head is also marked with a notch. This wants to join at the shoulder seam. I like to pin this and then work outwards, pinning around the sleeve head towards the underarm.
-This pattern doesn’t require too much easing in, on those that do (where the sleeve head is larger then your armhole) evenly place pins right the way around with little ‘bubbles’ of sleeve between each pin. I don’t want to tell you to leave the pins in as you sew around… But it can help 😉

With sleeves in I tried on. Well, if you’ve read my blog before we all know what happens next. I looked a little lost in it’s boxiness, so I cut some off the bottom and some off the sleeves!! About 5cm from each actually and I felt much happier in it. I overlocked and turned the hems up once for a neat little narrow hem.

Final step was adding the neck binding. I had spray starched my georgette to make it a little more manageable and it did exactly what it was told!

I have to admit, I had my doubts about the pattern but fell in love the moment I cropped it! Would really love to make more and play around with other fabric juxtapositions. It’s really quick to get on with and always feels great to use fabric scraps you’ve not been able to part with.

Looking forward to seeing the other blogger’s shell tops!


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