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This week, we meet Simple Sew Blogger, Adelle of Button and Pip. Since joining the team last year, Adelle has opted for classic patterns and bold and beautiful fabrics. Not afraid of a pattern or sewing with jersey, she shares with us her passion for sewing and a sneak peek into her sewing world.

Why did you start sewing?

I got my first sewing machine as a Christmas present in 2012 and my first makes were quilted blankets. As my girls grew I began dressmaking for them. My favourite pattern was a simple pinafore dress in bright colourful fabric. I still have some of these dresses in their memory boxes. It was after a difficult time in my personal life, losing my Dad that I began to create for myself. As a New Year’s resolution in 2016 I set myself the task of sewing my wardrobe I’ve never looked back.

What’s been your proudest sewing moment?

It has to be my lilac wool Hala Coat. I was always apprehensive in making a full winter coat but I don’t know why! Taking things one step at a time the coat just came together in one day.

What’s your favourite sewing technique? And the technique you dread having to do?

Oddly I enjoy putting in zips. But on the other hand I absolutely dread doing buttonholes!

What’s your favourite fabric to sew with and why?

I just love working and wearing jersey. I feel that you don’t have to worry too much about fit when working with jersey.

Could we have a peep at your sewing space?

I’m super lucky to have a dedicated sewing room where I can go and just enjoy my own time. I’m still trying to figure out organising my pinboard.

Where do you get your fix of sewing inspiration?

I get most of my inspiration from other makers, particularly from scrolling through my Instagram feed (@button_and_pip). Often I wait when new patterns come out to see what people create before I decide if I want to use the pattern.

Which sewing community sew-alongs have you joined in with?

I love joining in with Me-Made May! Trying to wear the same garment in a variety of different ways is fun.

Which fabric suppliers do you tend to shop with most?

My favourite online shop is ‘Material Girl Laura’. They have an amazing range of fun prints and the quality is amazing at a great price. My favourite brick and mortar stores are ‘Sew Your Own Wardrobe‘ and ‘Crafty Sew and So’. When you walk in you are always greeted with a friendly face, and they are always on hand with sewing advice. And before I know it time has flown and leave excited to get creating.

Adelle’s Simple Sew Juliette Tie-Back Top

What do you like most about writing a sewing blog?

I enjoy that my blog posts (Button and become a record of my sewing journey. When I look back, I love that they capture how I felt at that moment. Also helping others with projects that they hope to make is fantastic as that is often how I tackle a new pattern.

Anything special about your sewing blog that we need to know?

Alongside my blog I also have a YouTube channel. Here I can really waffle on about my makes!

What’s the best part of being on The Simple Sew blogger team?

I love the variety of sewing styles, and personalities that are in the team. We could all tackle the same Simple Sew pattern and we will come up with different things. That’s one of the beauty’s of sewing, you can express exactly who your are in your clothes.

What’s your go-to Simple Sew pattern?

I love the Box Pleated Grace skirt as a summer go to pattern. It’s really simple to make and looks perfect with a blouse or crisp white shirt. I even have a Science themed one for work!

Adelle’s Simple Sew Grace Skirt

And the Simple Sew pattern that you’ve made that’s got the ‘wow’ factor?

It has to be my science formula skirt. When I wear it for school I wait to see how long it takes for a pupil to notice the pattern. They actually get very excited trying to work out the formula for Sulphuric Acid.

If you could give a piece of advice to a Simple Sew pattern newbie what would it be?

Never say you can’t do it. You don’t know what you’re capable of until you begin. I still love the surprise when I finish the final seam and try on my make for the first time. This usually involves me strutting my stuff in front of every family member.

Adelle’s Simple Sew Classic Sweatshirt

Can you share you top two Simple Sew pattern sewing tips?
1. Notches are important especially when starting out. Don’t ignore them or you’ll be confused halfway through.
2. Pay attention to the fabric recommendations. This is will help you achieve are garment that is wearable.

See Adelle’s latest make, The Juliette Tie Back Top. You can follow Adelle on Instagram @button_and_pip or find her blog at

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