Corrine Appleby

Hello Everyone,
I’m Corrine and, along with my husband Paul, I blog at Applebymakes. We live in Scarborough with our two children. I’ve been sewing for about three years – mostly self taught but with some input from my mum and mother in law! My sewing style tends to bend more towards separates but I love to sew the occasional dress too!
As a family we like to make stuff but we don’t get to make as much stuff as we would like, and none of it is perfect, but we do have fun and get a lot of satisfaction from finishing our projects. Paul likes to dabble in woodwork and jam making, whereas Corrine prefers knitting in front of the telly. As we’re both teachers most of our projects get done during the school holidays when we have a little breathing space. The children, Bethan and Bryn, both like to help with baking (and eating). Bethan particularly likes to craft and she enjoys sewing, knitting and drawing.
I’m really excited to be part of the Simple Sew Blogging team and I hope you find my Palazzo Trouser tutorial a help when making up your own pair!

Corinne xx