Pigeon Wishes’ Classic Culottes

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Ok, so I have two main aims for this blog post.

One, to turn any last remaining culottes doubter into believers

and secondly to convince anyone who has this pattern in there stash to give it a go šŸ˜‰

So these are my first pair of culottes ever…Yes ever!! I’ve held out on the culottes trend up until now! and as a 90’s kid pedal pushers where the closest I ever got to culottes. I now see the errors of my ways as myĀ classic culottesĀ are very worn and loved.

The fabric

So on this project it was really the fabric that did the talking. It’s fromĀ fcfabric studio, I’m sorry I can’t find the link for it, as soon as I saw it I thought culottes. I loved the colour, weight and drape of this fabric and though it would go great with a colourful jumper/top and be a basic, staple I’m not usually so keen on sewing :p

The fit

So the lovely sewvee also did aĀ blog post for these culottesĀ and she recommended going down a size and I wholeheartly agree. I am always torn about going against a patterns recommendations and didn’t want too small culottes so I went for my finished measurements size (a size 10) sewed them up and realised actually they where too big :/

I had just made a pair of trousers before these culottes so was confident in adjusting the fit. I didn’t take the extra off the sides, I tried but that effected the pockets, so I took about 3cms off the crouch seam.

My almostĀ invisible zip :p

Apart of the sizing for me was getting the waist as tight as possible. I wanted a really cinched in waist to make up for how billowing the trousers were. I did that all in a sewing haze as I was on the last stretch and couldn’t wait to wear my culottes!

I also deviated from some of the instruction on these. On the joining of the two legs I usedĀ Tilly’s methodĀ just as that was always the way I sewed trousers together and it let me adjust the crouch seam more.

So in conclusion culottes are absolutely worth the hassle of shaving half of my legs, which was my main gripe with them. So comfortable, I feel really chic while wearing them and the shape/colour of these ones give me a slight vintage vibe which I want to bring more of to my makes,

Happy sewing,


Megan blogs atĀ https://pigeonwish.wordpress.com/

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  1. Meg these are awesome!! Call me a convert, I’ll add the pattern to the to do list šŸ™‚ Would they look lovely in a green crepe?

    This said… I can’t quite figure out from your lovely posts how the waistband sits, is it high waist? I have the longest body and even super high waist stuff is a good inch too low.

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