Sewing Room Inspiration and Ideas

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If you love sewing it’s likely you’ll be spending a lot of time in one designated area or room in your home. Creating a space that feels both practical and inspiring can be achieved with a few space saving hacks and simple embellishments. Scroll down to discover some dreamy sewing spaces and our top tips for curating your own.

Sewing Room Inspiration and Ideas

The Fine Print

Colourful prints can instantly brighten up your sewing space and we love this post by @paigejoanna. Love embroidery? Why not make a gallery of your hoop designs or you could even frame your favourite fabric print?


What’s in store?

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a whole room to dedicate to sewing or occupy a small space in your home, organisation is key. Small storage boxes and shelving are great for categorising your sewing items like threads and patterns. Keep all those essential pieces of haberdashery stored nearby so they’re at arms length during your sewing sessions. We love the smart, storage solutions shown above by @sew_everyday and @thebrightblooms.

Take a Stand

Thread stands are ideal for keeping your threads stored safely and help you see at a glance if you need to top up any particular shades. Extra points if you colour coordinate your stash like @mollyandmama above.


Paper Chase

Paper patterns can often triple in size when taken out of their envelopes but these clever pattern organisers from Pattern Trace UK makes storing them away so much easier. Plus there’s a space for you to note the pattern’s name and jot down thoughts about the construction process on the front.


Room with a view

Sewing during the winter months can be tricky, especially if there is minimal natural light. If possible, try and position your machine near a large window. Your eyes will thank you for it.

Available at Simple Sew

Check out these useful items below that not only look great in your sewing space but will make stitching much more fun and efficient too.


Deflecto Single Tilt Bin


SimpleSew Shopify

Korbond Chesterfield Desktop Storage Drawer


Simplicity Vintage Magnetic Notions Tin Stripe


Simplicity Vintage Pattern Storage Boxes Gold Stripe


Simplicity Vintage Sewing Storage Box With Notions


Simplicity Vintage Box Canvas

Thanks for reading

We hope you enjoyed this post and are feeling inspired to create your own ideal sewing space. For more hints and tips head over to the Simple Sew blog homepage or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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