Sophia skirt hack Jenny Wardrobe Architect

Sophia Skirt hack by Jenny of The Wardrobe Architect

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Never afraid to experiment with patterns, Simple Sew blogger, Jenny shares another stunning reimagining of Simple Sew Sophia skirt.

When I made my first Sophia Skirt a couple of months ago, I thought of lots of ways the pattern could be hacked to create different skirts. The first hack I decided to try was a button front variation.


To make this, I was sent some beautiful linen from ClothSpot called Haven. It’s a navy blue with a slubby, fine stripe. It is a perfect weight for this skirt. I also recently learnt that linen doesn’t stick to tights like cotton does, so this skirt can be worn all through winter with tights as well!


To do the button front hack I made some initial changes to the pattern. I cut the back piece out on the fold, as the centre back zip is not required. This is essentially the same as cutting out the front skirt piece for the back. I also added 50mm to the length of the waistband piece before cutting out, to account for the overlap of the button front. This ended up being slightly too long and I trimmed it down, but it’s easier to cut it slightly longer than you think you will need.

To cut the front pieces, I added 50mm to the cut line on the centre front and cut a strip of interfacing to iron onto the front edge. I notched the centre front line at the top and bottom of the front skirt pieces so that I could line them up later. I then overlocked the front edge and turned it under by 25mm and pressed it firmly.
Next, I sewed up the pleats and pockets and side seams as per the pattern instructions. Then when I was attaching the waistband pieces, I followed the instructions as if the front edge was the centre back zip opening.
By this point you should have a skirt with an open front. I pressed up the hem allowance and pinned the front skirts together to make sure the front opening edges were level. Then, I sewed the hem and the front button band down in one go, starting from the waistband, down the front of one side, around the bottom of the skirt to hem and up the other front.

“I love the finished look of this skirt.”

Then, I decided where I wanted buttons and marked them on. If you don’t want to sew all the buttonholes, snaps can be used. The skirt is loose fitting round the hips so there isn’t too much pressure on the buttons / snaps.
I used jeans buttons. So, after I had sewn all my buttonholes, I marked the position of the buttons on the other side. I used my Prym Vario Pliers to install the buttons. I love the look of the matt buttons with the navy linen. Plus, I find jeans buttons to be quite strong so less risk of them popping off!

Final thoughts on Sophia Skirt hack

I love the finished look of this skirt. There are a lot of button front skirt patterns available, but it is very satisfying to hack an existing pattern to create the look you want. The linen was beautiful to work with and is a lovely fabric to wear. The fine stripe adds to the texture of the fabric and makes it more interesting than plain navy. I like this so much I bought some more to make a couple of other projects!
I have more Sophia Skirt hack ideas, so I’ll be back soon with my next one!
Jenny x

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  1. What a brilliant job you have made . It has given me the push to try something myself with a favourite pattern. I have been sewing for a number of years, thanks to having a very good teacher at school, who gave me confidence to keep up the hobby. My parents were also very supportive,even buying my first machine .

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