How to Sew a Lapped Zip – Create an invisible closure on your garments

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Why use the lapped zip technique? A lapped zip is a polished finish that disguises the closure on a dress, skirt or trousers. It’s easy to install and will look fantastic on your handmade garment. Learn how to sew a lapped zip and you will be able to create beautifully finished clothing with a really clean outline, no bump. It’s …

Bea Curtis’ Classic Sweatshirt Hack

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In this post, Simple Sew blogger, Bea shares her Classic Sweatshirt hack. Find out how she modified this sweater into a gorgeous dress!  Somehow we’ve got to the autumn. How did that happen? My sewjo usually takes a nosedive at this time of the year, but actually I’m feeling inspired by the idea of cosy winter makes.   I decided …

Meet the Blogger – Bea’s Sewing Adventures

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Meet Simple Sew Blogger Bea, of Bea’s Sewing Adventures, quite possibly our most experimental blogger who’s has passion for dance wear, stretchy fabric and pattern hacks.