Just Sew Helen’s #sewthisischristmas Lena dress hack

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First time Simple Sew Blogger, Helen of Just Sew Helen has picked a Christmas Cracker for her #sewthisischristmas make. Sewing the Simple Sew Lena wrap dress, with a straight skirt hack, in a classy Ponte Roma jersey from Clothspot, this dress is stylish, comfy and super flattering. Perfect for the festive season!

DRESSMAKERS BALL MONTH : Hobbling Handmade’s Lena Wrap Party Dress

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All this month the Simple Sew Bloggers will be making party dresses to celebrate The Dressmaker’s Ball coming soon on 12th May…  Hello! I’m another new Simple Sew blogger for this month, and I knew what pattern I wanted to make for the Dressmaker’s Ball (which is hosted by @craftysewandso on Instagram – go and visit their page for more …