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This Kiera Skirt is going to be really useful.  I don’t know about you but I don’t have a huge mid-season wardrobe.  I have plenty of summer/ winter clothes but a very compact Spring Autumn wardrobe.  It’s something I have issues with every year but never get round to organising.  Well, thanks to the Simple sew blogger net work I’m going to grow that part of my wardrobe.
Being given the chance to use some of the lovely chambray from White Tree fabrics I thought of that transitional wardrobe.  I could wear it with Flipflops or boots depending on what the British weather has to throw at me. This chambray is a lovely weight, quite light so it’ll flow but enough body to hold it’s shape.  The Kiera is normally lined but I didn’t feel the fabric needed another layer.  If I feel it’s a bit drafty then I’ll put on a slip.
The Kiera skirt is a short affair but I wanted a longer version so when cutting out I drew in the extra length with tailors chalk.
It’s nice and easy to put the pleats together but I always like to keep the paper pattern close by so that I get them pleating in the same direction.  I pin and then stay stitch in place to hold them down.
I put a pocket on the side without the zip.  It’s possible to do in the zip seam but I didn’t have a whole bunch of time to play.  Maybe next time.
I drew up a pattern to make sure I could match up to the sides of the skirt.  I then put the pocket in.  I’ve a tutorial for side/ in-seam pockets on my blog if you’d like a few pointers.
You put the waistband on before you put the zip in with this skirt.  I left the waist band open on the inside so that I could make the inside nice and neat after the zip had gone in.  I’d advise a 10” or 25cm zip to give yourself room as I still could have done with a little extra wriggle room to get in even though it’s a full skirt.
I wanted to wear it before the weather changed so I machined the hem.  This is becoming a habit.  It tool a week or two to get the photos due to life happening but it did mean we had a lovely crisp autumn day for it.  Boots at the ready…
20161125_111656 20161125_111927 20161125_112146
So, there you have it.  A new mid season addition to the wardrobe, well I’ve made a start.  Does anyone else have a problem with their mid season wardrobe?
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