The Urban Seamstress’ Juliet Tie-Back Blouse hack

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I have always loved my Juliette Tie-Back Blouse, the style was so flattering and easy to wear. I had always wondered what it would be like as a dress and decided to try it as a maxi dress.

The fabric was the gorgeous liberty print – Liberty Cotton Lawn – Sunflower Patch Khaki LOR87 – from the fabulous people at Doughty’s fabric. I picked a colour way that I had never tried before, khaki and mustard with little red flowers.

First I washed and ironed the fabric before laying it out for cutting. Then work called, a photo shoot for a band (I’m a professional photographer though you might wonder looking at some of my photos here!) took me away from my sewing…

The next day I got to pin the pattern and cut, but first I had to make some decisions on how to hack the top into a maxi dress.

In order to make the top into a maxi dress, I decided to extend the top, following the line of the pattern at the same angle. I wanted a full skirt and also trying to aim for a zero waste project, always my holy grail.

I chalk marked the extension and then cut, that’s always my favourite part, no idea why I just love it. I cut this with pinking shears as my overlocker wasn’t working and this way the fabric wouldn’t fray, while I was waiting to get it fixed. You can see in the photo below how I extended the top.

I wondered how flared skirt the skirt was going to be? So decided to put a side split into it. You can see the front and back hacks, cut out ready for sewing.

Next I cut the 2 waist ties. I found when I made the Juliet top before the ties are very long. This means that you can tie them around the waist in different styles either at the back, the front or the side. I decided to keep the ties this length for the dress too.

The next I cut out the facings for the front and the back of the neck, which had to be cut on the fold.

The next part of the hack for me was to add pockets in the sides seams. I love a dress with pockets especially now that I’m a mum as I like to have my hands free when I’m with my Little One. I used a pattern piece that had in seams pockets from another dress as the templates and cut 4 pockets.

I had enough fabric to cut one pocket as a complete pieces. For the second pocket I had to join some of the fabric to make a full pocket piece. Below you can see where I have used two bits of fabric to make one pocket side as I didn’t have enough fabric to cut a single piece.

After creating a pocket from scraps I then sewed the pocket pieces into the side seams.

Then I joined the front and back facings together to make a circle so that it could be then sewn into the neckline.

And here she is in all her glory that Juliet tieback top, hacked into a dress!

Or tied at the front with a side knot

In conclusion I would thoroughly recommend this pattern both as the top and a dress. I am definitely going to make this top as a dress again, but not a maxi and a floaty a fabric, and I will probably hack the hem line and the sleeves next time. It is definitely going to be my go to dress pattern. It’s a very quick and easy make.

I’m ready pleased that this is all the fabric that is left over from making the Juliette tie back dress hack. It really did end up being a zero waste project. These bits that are left over I going to be used to make a hair scrunchy and any tiny pieces will be going into a foot poof that I’m making, stuffed with all the scraps that are too small to use for any other sewing or crafting projects.

Obviously if you’re going to try and make zero waste garments, you may end up having to compromise somewhere by having extra seams so that you can join scraps together. In this case the seam is on the inside in a pocket so it won’t show and I was very happy with that!

Klarke x

Main photo credit: Little One

Buy your Juliette Tie back top ready for hacking here and find the back of the pattern envelope below. And here’s a closer look at Klarke’s gorgeous liberty autumn colours Liberty Cotton Lawn – Sunflower Patch Khaki LOR87 from Doughtys.

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