The Wardrobe Architect’s Keira Skirt

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This month I chose to make the Keira Skirt. It is a short pleated skirt that is fully lined.
The skirt is very short, so I chose to lengthen mine by about 6 inches. This was really straightforward, as both the lining piece and the main skirt piece are pretty straight at the sides.
I really like the inverted box pleat at the front, I think it is a great way to add extra volume at the hem whilst minimising volume around the tummy.
I also like that it comes with a separate lining piece, so that the lining fabric has less volume than the outer skirt. It’s perfect for this time of year as it can be worn with tights. I don’t know whether it’s my baby brain or the pattern, but once I had put the pleats in the lining it was much smaller than the outer skirt pieces. I just unpicked them and made them smaller so that it fit. I ended up with 2 x 6cm pleats in both front and back.
The fabric I used was a spotty baby corduroy from Abakhan’s.
It’s an easy fabric to work with and is the perfect weight for this skirt, giving the pleats enough structure so that it holds its shape. It’s not got much of a pile so I treated it just like a normal cotton twill in terms of sewing and pressing.
I’m really happy with how this turned out, I’d like to do a wool one next!
Jenny x

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