The Wardrobe Architect’s Nancy Top

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I have been wanting to make a simple woven top for the winter that I can wear to work. I always thought of the Nancy pattern as a dress with a collar, but I saw a lovely collarless top version and thought it would work perfectly for me.
I used this fab cotton from Doughty’s that has a kind of abstract house print on. As I’m an architect I thought it would be fun to wear this for work. The colours are muted enough and the pattern simple enough for it to not come across as a novelty print.
The cotton is a lovely quality, but is probably a little too stiff for this project. It would work better as a skirt I think. It was so easy to sew up and is washing really well.
The pattern is easy and straightforward, especially without the collar. I decided to use bias binding to finish the neckline rather than the facings. I think on a sturdy cotton like this, a topstitched bias bound neckline works well, whilst on more delicate fabrics facings are better.
I also decided to insert a separating zip in the centre back seam to make it quicker to get off! The zip is a little shorter than the top so I have a split back detail, which I really like! As this is such a simple top, a little extra detail like this helps to lift it.
To insert the separating zip, I just followed the instructions and then instead of joining the seam underneath the zip I just pressed the seam allowance under and topstitched.
This top has got a lot of wear so far this year, I’m finding it really versatile. As there is black in the print it is so easy to wear with black jeans or trousers and feels a lot smarter than wearing a t-shirt.
– bonus outtake of me trying to use the remote shutter on my camera!
Jenny x

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