Time-Saving Sewing Tips & Haberdashery

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Love to sew but struggling to find the time? We hear you. With the busyness of modern life it can seem tricky to carve out quality sewing time. So, we’ve come up with some time-saving tips and useful haberdashery to help keep your sewing sessions fun and stress free.

Clean your sewing machine

Cleaning your machine can be easily overlooked but doing this more regularly can help avoid costly repairs. Most sewing machines come with a little brush that can be used to remove bits of fluff and dust. It doesn’t need to be done every time you change the bobbin but try to get into a habit of giving it a quick clean when you notice any build up. You can also use compressed air to help with this too. Try and keep your machine covered when not in use – these Korbond machine bags work a treat.

Getting your machine serviced will ensure it’s in good working order and can save a lot of stress and desperate Googling down the the line should your machine ever have a malfunction. There’s no hard fast rule here as to how often you should get your machine serviced but if you feel it needs a little  TLC, it’s probably worth taking it to your local shop.

Replace the needle regularly

An important step as blunt needles can cause damage to your machine and fabric (eek!). Needles are inexpensive so it’s a good idea to buy sets suitable for your fabrics in bulk and then try and get into a habit of changing them with every new project. See our range of sewing machine needles here.

Use the correct type of needle for your fabric 

When you first start sewing, choosing the correct needle for your projects can feel a little overwhelming. Check out our guide to sewing machine needles here and make sure you read the supplier’s description. Needles come in all shapes and sizes so choosing the correct one for your fabric will ensure you get the best results.

Organise your sewing space

Tidy space, tidy mind – that old chestnut. Yet, this motto rings true when it comes to efficient sewing. Keep a pencil pot with your essential haberdashery close to your machine or invest in a peg board so you can see all your tools at a glance. It will save you having to initiate a search party for that elusive tape measure.

On that note, a magnetic pin holder prevents the need for you to ferry your pin pot back and forth between your cutting area and sewing machine. Check out these clever devices from Prym.

Similarly, you’ll likely need to press your fabric throughout the construction of your garment so if space allows, keep your iron and ironing board set up and ready. A well pressed seam can make a huge difference to the finish of your garment.

Read pattern Instructions in full 

It can be so tempting to dive straight into a new project without having read the instructions in full. However, spending a few minutes familiarising yourself with the garment’s construction gives you a chance to look up any tricky techniques, get out all the equipment you need and jot down any steps where you could batch tasks together.

Deviating from the pattern altogether? If you’re planning to hack the pattern in some way then reading through the instructions first will help you figure out where exactly you need to deviate from the pattern.

If you are planning to hack a pattern bear in mind exactly how it will affect the construction by jotting notes down on the instructions where you will need to deviate from the pattern in advance.

Pre-wash fabric

When you purchase your fabric, some suppliers will give you instructions on how to pre-wash and care for your fabric. Pre-washing your fabric is an important step as many fabrics are prone to shrinking after the first wash.

Optimise your time

You don’t need to schedule in a whole day of sewing to work on your projects. Instead, take advantage of small windows of time and complete micro tasks that will help get you further along in the garment’s construction. Only have five minutes? Use it to tidy your sewing space, wind a bobbin or pre-wash your fabric.

Do you have time-saving sewing tips?

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