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Top Tips for Sewing with Viscose

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Use floaty viscose fabric to create a stylish dress or jumpsuit that works all year round, with our top tips!

Kimono Pattern

Use a floaty viscose to sew this stylish Simple Sew Kimomo-style robe

What is viscose?

Viscose (also known as rayon in the US) is what is known as a man-made fibre rather than a synthetic. It is actually derived from plant-based materials that go through a chemical washing process. Often made of soy, bamboo or sugar cane, it was invented in the 1890s. The name viscose, from the word viscosity, comes from the thick liquid consistency of the fibres after treatment. Originally used to strengthen car tyres, it soon became woven into a fabric with similar properties to silk at a fraction of the cost.


A Guide to Sewing Machine Needles

Click HERE for our guide to choosing the correct sewing machine needles for your fabric.


  1. Always choose good-quality viscose that is not too loosely woven as this makes it easier to work with.
  2. Pre-wash and press your fabric as rayon/viscose shrinks.
  3. Viscose is not the easiest to sew, so choose a simple sewing pattern style with fewer seams.
  4. Use sharp scissors for cutting out or use a rotary cutter.
  5. Change your sewing machine needle to a finer 70/12 size, also use fine sharp pins.
  6. Adjust your sewing machine tension and stitch length and try sewing the fabric with some smaller pieces before starting on the real garment, use a straight stitch. For finishing the seams use a zigzag stitch or an overlocker.
  7. Use soft and light interfacing so it doesn’t interfere with the gorgeous drape of the viscose but still holds the shape.
  8. While sewing, try not to pull or stretch the fabric, the same goes for pressing. Carefully move the not-too-hot iron over your fabric without distorting it.

*Article originally published in Love Sewing magazine 

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