Wool Cocoon Coat by Simple Sew: Top Tips

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Warmth and simplicity meet in this super-wearable, oversized Cocoon coat. With its minimalist style, it’s a cinch to make too! Use our tips on sewing and caring for wool fabric for the ultimate wool, Cocoon Coat by Simple Sew


Pre-washing your fabric

We know how tempting it is to dive into a new project. However, preparing your wool first is crucial to the sewing process as it’s renowned for shrinkage. You may find that you don’t need to pre-shrink or clean your wool. Perhaps, it is unlikely to be worn very often so you are happy to skip these steps. Some 100% wools are dry-clean only, so make sure you check the composition of your chosen fabric. Either opt for a pre-shrunken wool or make sure that you hand-wash your wool, with minimal detergent, and drip dry or dry flat. To be 100% sure on the best way to prepare your chosen wool, check with your fabric supplier who will be able to advise.

Caring for Wool

Additionally, modern processing techniques mean that some wool is machine washable. If your wool is not superwash-treated though, don’t worry – it’s still easy to care for. We recommend a no-rinse wool wash such as Soakwash. After 30 minutes of soaking, take out the garment and roll it in a towel to remove excess moisture. Finally, lay your garment out on a flat surface and leave it to dry.

Safe Storage

One of the greatest threats to your lovely, wolly garments is the dreaded clothes moth! Although moths can attack any fibre, wool and animal fibres are their favourites. To help prevent them from attacking your clothes, clean out your cupboards regularly and keep particularly delicate items in zipper bags. Another option is to make up some lavender bags and hang these in your wardrobe. Not only will these help deter pesky moths, they will keep your garments spelling lovely, too.

Finishing your seams

Create a neat finish by trying a Hong Kong seam. Use bias tape to encase your raw edges as shown in the images below. Open out the bias tape and from the underside of the seam, stitch in place along the fold line of the bias tape. Press and pin the bias tape into position on the top of the seam, and stitch in place.



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Show us your make!

We hope you loved our top tips for sewing and caring for wool. Don’t forget to share your makes! Post a picture on social using the hashtag #simplesew and you could be featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages! If you need a bit of inspiration for your Cocoon Coat, head over to our blog where you’ll find a range of pattern reviews, hints and tips from our Simple Sew Blogger Team.


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