Zoe Sews Skater Dress

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One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2018 was to make more party dresses and until now that resolution hadn’t been doing so well. When I got to pick a pattern from Simple Sew I knew this was the perfect opportunity to make a party dress. I have nowhere appropriate to wear a dress like this but I have decided I am going to wear it to the Knit and Stitch show because at least fellow makers will appreciate my dress.

I cut a straight size 8 and had no fitting adjustments to make which is really rare for me. The waist is really high which I love because it makes my legs look really long. The low back sits perfectly to allow me to still wear a bra. I was apprehensive about sleeves in a woven fabric because sometimes I feel really restrained in them but actually, the bodice and sleeves feel as comfortable as a jersey dress. In fact, this is the first fit and flare dress I have made and not have to alter it at all. I kept the length of the skirt as it was but you could totally make this midi or even maxi if you have a really fancy event to go to. This is defiantly my new go to fit and flare dress!

The fabric is from The Cambridge Fabric Company and is very William Morris inspired. What drew me to this print was the subtle colours and floral print which I would have my whole wardrobe made of if I could. This fabric is actually a furnishing fabric although it works perfectly for structured garments. The print is subtly directional which made me really worried about the circle skirt although I  managed to get away with it. I love that this fabric gives off a curtain vibe to the dress which most people may not like but I totally dig it.

To go with the dress I obviously needed a pair of tassel earrings. I pulled out all my threads and decided on dusty pink which I know I will get loads of wear out of alone as well as with this dress. To try and keep the look on the more casual side (if such thing is possible) I wore a pair of white DM’s and ankle socks. If I was wearing this to a fancy event and I wouldn’t break my neck I would defiantly wear a pair of white or pink high heels which would just complete the whole look!

Now I just need to find a fancy party to go to and I have the perfect dress. I love this dress and I see so many more in my future in every colour under the sun.

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